Railroad Tracks in Buena Vista

Facing Rockbridge is grassroots project started in 2014 with the goal of increasing awareness of the issue of sexual violence in Rockbridge County by encouraging constructive conversations.

With sexual violence getting the national attention it deserves, proactive citizens, students and organizations of Rockbridge County are banding together to face what is also a significant local issue. By sharing anonymous accounts of how such violence affects the lives of our neighbors and through partnering with local organizations, we will share a comprehensive and personal understanding of sexual violence in Rockbridge.

We have a goal of combining 100+ personal accounts, stories, art and more with local information to form a beautiful book, website and social media campaign in April 2015. The Facing Project Rockbridge’s 50+ volunteers and partners are currently in the process of collecting accounts of sexual violence–ranging from survivors, friends/families of survivors, those found guilty of sexual violence, those who decided to stand against it and more. We are also looking for talented writers, editors and designers to help synthesize those accounts and craft our final message.