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Facing Sexual Violence in Rockbridge

Facing Rockbridge is grassroots project started in 2014 with the goal of increasing awareness of the issue of sexual violence in Rockbridge County by encouraging constructive conversations.  

Facing Rockbridge Book Release Events Announced!

On November 2nd of this year, The Ring Tum Phi profiled the Facing Sexual Violence Project, a project designed to “help students face the reality of sexual violence on campus and on campuses across the country”. Now, nearly six months after the original article was published, the Facing Project staff invites the community of Rockbridge […]

Kiki Martire ’15 on Working With the Administration to Improve Bystander Programs

Before I started my senior year, I read in a summer newsletter for Washington and Lee that the school had hired a Title IX coordinator to investigate sexual assault and harassment on campus and to make sure the University complied properly to the new government procedures. I reached out to Lauren Kozak via email and […]

Questioning How Sexual Violence Occurs – Elena Diller ’17

I’m involved in the Facing Project because our culture has an expectation for how sexual violence occurs. People believe that sexual violence can only occur under a certain set of circumstances and, without these conditions, there cannot be sexual violence. A standard such as this invalidates the experiences of millions of survivors and facilitates tolerance […]

Annie Persons ’15 on Why Facing Rockbridge is Important

I am involved in the Facing Project because the issue of sexual violence is one that negatively affects not just college-aged women such as myself, but also all men and women in the communities where it exists. I firmly believe that much of addressing sexual violence will be accomplished by spreading awareness of the issue, […]

What is Facing Rockbridge?

By Kamryn McPike While a Rolling Stone article is making sexual assault on college campuses a hot topic, a new project has come to Washington and Lee to air the issue. It’s part of The Facing Project, a national non-profit organization that helps individual communities “face” a social issue that is chosen based on local […]